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Hello! Call me Azure! What is there to say about me? I'm just an average person who likes to hang out on the World Wide Web. I'm a computer science major in university, known within my circles as an ardent hater of all things Microsoft and an obsessive fan of The Legend of Zelda. I have a dog and two cats, all three of which love to drive me crazy, and a windowsill full of succulents that, while beautiful, are also so plentiful that I'm worried they're going to start taking over the room. I hold a deep love in my heart for music of all varieties, and a lifelong passion for meteorology. The name "AzureMillennium", truthfully, has no real meaning behind it: it's just a little username I came up with when I was browsing the web around the ages of twelve or thirteen. I suppose I just liked the way the words looked together! Some other things I'm into include:

If you'd ever like to get in contact with me, please feel free to reach out via email! I'm also present on Dreamwidth and Pillowfort if you'd like to say hello there! I'm always up down to make a new friend or internet neighbor! Have a nice day, and thank you for visiting my website! :)



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