so, you want to know about me?

well, hello! thank you for stopping by! as you could probably tell by the title of my website, i go by azure! i'm just a friendly neighborhood person who grew a little tired of the lack of freedom and customization on social media and decided to try my hand at being a webmaster. as you can probably tell by the state of the site, i'm having a lot of fun with it!


some things i'm REALLY into include:
the legend of zelda! (favorite games: the minish cap, the wind waker, majora's mask, skyward sword. i'm also a big fan of the four swords manga!)
pokemon! (favorite games: gold/silver/crystal, black 2/white 2)
ace attorney! (favorite game: trials and tribulations)
nintendo consoles! (specifically, everything spanning from the NES to the Gameboy Advance SP)
music (a couple of my favorite artists are two steps from hell and lord huron! but mainly i find myself listening to vgm more often than not...)
i'm also fond of dragon ball, naruto, avatar: the last airbender, yu-gi-oh!, undertale/deltarune, and...a whole lot more that i probably can't think of right now!

what made you decide to create a website?

truthfully, a lot of thingsā€”a fondness for older graphics, getting agitated by modern social media, and lurking on neocities for a while and reading my way through many manifestos, for starters. i also just wanted to see if i COULD. it's been pretty fun! i've honestly come a lot farther than i was expecting to, and i look forward to creating even more in the future as i get better and better at this whole "coding" thing. :)

what does "azuremillennium" mean?"

an excellent question, and one i honestly don't think i have an answer to! "azuremillennium" was a username i came up with when i was around twelve or thirteen, surfing the internet as i was. i think i just liked the way the words looked together. nevertheless, "azuremillennium" was little me's internet identity, and i've decided to make little me happy and make a whole website with it. it's the least i could do!

contact me!

do we have some shared interests? do you want to talk about them with somebody? i'd love to!

feel free to shoot me an email, or say hi via xmpp at! i would genuinely love to make a friend :)