super secret loz blog!!!

hello! welcome to my website! feel free to sit back, relax for a moment, poke around and enjoy the music. it may be a work in progress here, but i hope you enjoy your stay nonetheless :)

NOTE: this site was coded on a 1920×1080 display. if things look broken on smaller displays (not counting mobile), let me know! i'll do my best to adjust it accordingly.

9/7/2023: not a real update, per se, but just a note that my updates to this site will become a little more erratic and sparse due to the fact that i've started up university again.

8/23/2023: as always, added something new to the zelda page :)

7/18/2023: added a new page to the "writings" section!

7/5/2023: tweaked some things here and there!!! finally got to see how the site looks on a smaller resolution (courtesy of my friend's old laptop) and it seems to look okay, which i'm super happy about!

6/27/2023: spent alllllllll day figuring out how i wanted to rearrange the site. finally settled on something i'm (mostly) happy with! i think the sidebars are pretty fun. now i just have to reformat the resource and about pages.....though i may just save that for tomorrow morning xD

6/17/2023: nothing much on updates, except i mayyyyyyy be reworking my entire main site theme sooner or later, but i WILL say my kitten is sleeping in my lap right now and all is good in the world for the time being :)

6/11/2023: COMPLETELY reworked the zelda blog. again. i've found that i really just love putting boxes inside of boxes. it delights me to no end. every time i think i'm done i'm like ohhhhh man.....i need another fucking box inside of a box. and there is absolutely nobody to stop me from doing so!!!!!!

5/28/2023: for now, the zelda shrine will just be a zelda blog. i've moved almost all of my writings from my (also new) other blog over there, and i think i'll just decorate it and add more pages and things as time goes on. it's nice to have everything in one place with no clutter!

5/26/2023: finally created a zelda shrine! it's...very empty right now, and an extreme work in progress, so i don't think i'll be adding the link to it on this homepage just yet, but once it's done (or semi-done, at the very least) i'm definitely going to! though, with what i want to do with it, i'm not sure if shrine is the right word for it...fanpage, maybe? or just page in general? who knows! i'll cross that bridge when i get to it! or maybe i won't cross it at all!

5/17/2023: switched the background music around between the homepage and my resource page! i'm sure i'll end up putting music from the minish cap somewhere else, eventually, but i like mabe village too much to do away with it completely and skyloft currently has me in a chokehold. i'm going to eventually code a million and one pages just because i can't decide on music, i swear....

5/13/2023: changed the background again + added a couple extra resources! i'm just kind of picking them all up as i go along, to be honest. i'd work on the shrines i've got planned, but i have to go to work soon. boooooo!

5/12/2023: reworked my entire site! changed the layout, the background, added some music to the homepage and the resource page (which i also just added), and added this little section for blurbs and such! i don't know if i'm too happy with the resource page—i might change its layout as well. maybe i'll just make it a page for general links? added an "about" page as well using the same layout, and honestly now that i've dug this grave i may as well lie in it. xD


gaming status!

currently (re)playing: undertale

recently finished: the legend of zelda: link's awakening

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