here is an assortment of resources (of any sort) i find helpful or fun! i'm sure i'll organize these better as time goes on, but for now i'll just throw them all here. :)

GifCities- all the gifs you could ever need!
Internet Bumper Stickers- fun bumper stickers for your site!
99 Gif Shop- more gifs! so many gifs!
Blinkies.Cafe- blinkies!!!!!!
The 88x31 GIF Collection- 88x31 buttons galore!
The Largest 88x31 Collection On The Internet - exactly what it says on the tin!
Textanim- generates animated text gifs of your choosing!
W3Schools- GREAT place to learn html and css for free!
JSFiddle - Code Playground- place to experiment with code + tidies your code up for you!
CSS-Tricks- like the title says: lots and lots of css tips and tricks! has a layout maker, 88x31 button generator, tips and tricks for coding and more!
EGGRAMEN- has some css stylesheets and buttons!
Free Music Archive- free music to use for your site!
TextureTown- lots of textures to use as backgrounds for your site!!